Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery Shopping is a research technique commonly used by retailers to assess the customer experience. Client companies hire Shopping Science to manage the shopping. Shopping Science in turn contracts you to visit the stores where you pose as a customer, make specified observations and record them on a questionnaire. You submit your report to Shopping Science which we collate with reports from other mystery shoppers and forward them to the client company. The client company uses the reports to improve their customer experience.

How Much Will I be Paid?

Payments are made per assignment. Subject to satisfactory accuracy and timeliness of completion, typical payments are $6.00 for a phone call, and $15.00 cash for a 45 minute assignment in a capital city location.

Many mystery shops don't require a purchase, but those that do are mostly for food.

To get paid you will need to...

How Often Will I get Mystery Shopping Assignments?

You are most likely to get continuing assignments if...

What Information Will I Collect?

Typical observations include time to service, the range of products you are offered, and cleanliness of the stores.

Will my Personal Information be Safe?

Shopping Science will not sell, rent or transmit your personal information to any third party. We use your information solely to determine your suitability for mystery shopping assignments.

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